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He studied archaeological structures and geomorphological marker to set vertical deformation rates along the coast of Sicily and southern Calabria. He surveyed and mapped several submerged caves in Italy collecting speleothems up to a depth of -40 meters. He studied boulder field and deposits related to extreme marine events in Italy, Malta and Croatia. He reconstructed various co-seismic deformations, related to large earthquake occurred along the coasts of southern Italy and Sicily, through the analyses of archaeological and geomorphological marker. He has been co-organizer of two International conferences of Underwater Geology GEOSUB (Trieste 2016, Ustica 2017). Has been dealing with relative sea level changes, socio-economic impacts on Mediterranean coastal plains and tide gauge monitoring activities since 2011, with the aim of exploring future scenarios and possible sea-submersion for 2100.


  • Co- Leader of the MEDFLOOD MOPP Project financed by INQUA 2016 – 2019. • Co-Ordinator of the Italian delegation of the IGCP Project 639 “Sea-level change from minutes to millennia” in cooperation with IUGS and UNESCO.
  • Guest editor of a Special issue volume of Geografia Fisica e Dinamica Quaternaria a six-monthly journal published by the COMITATO GLACIOLOGICO ITALIANO
  • CEO of an academic spinoff of the University of Messina (Italy) specialized in remote survey (UAV and AUV) and Sensing.