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Associate professor of Petrology and Petrography since 2002 at the University of Bari, Department of Earth Science and Geoenvironmental.

Researcher in Petrology and Petrography from1995 to 2002 at the University of Bari, Geomineralogical Department

The scientific production of A. Fornelli consists of  several publications (~69) on international and national journals comprising abstracts and proceedings. H-index= 9 according to Web of Science; H-index= 8 according to Scopus.

The research activity regards petrological studies of low- medium- and high- grade metamorphic rocks and Variscan granitoids. In detail, petrogenetic models about the genesis of granitoids present in the lower crust outcropping in Calabria (southern Italy) were proposed in the publications. She defined a P-T-t path and a tectonic model for migmatitic metapelites belonging to lower crust of Calabria, utilizing geological, geochemical, isotopic (Rb-Sr and Sm-Nd on whole rocks and mineral phases) and geochronological data (U-Pb data ages on zircon, SIMS and LA-ICP-MS). She suggested multistage partial melting events for the metasedimentary rock of the lower crust. She studies the significance of the internal structures of zircons in pan-African products and interpreted the in situ U-Pb zircon dating.

In the same time, she studied petrological and geochemical aspects of arenites and sands of southern Apennines to define the provenance and standard parameters to correlate the stratigraphic successions.

The aims of these studies are to elucidate the geodinamic evolution in Alpine and Variscan times in the circum-mediterranean areas comparing the geological history of Calabria and Appenninic chain with that of the other European basements.

She is involved in several national reasearch projects regarding:

• P-T-t constraints in high-T shear zones in intermediate-lower continental crust in Calabria

• Geochemical characterization and U-Pb and Sm-Nd ages in metabasites associated to metasediments in Hercynian lower crust outcropping in Calabria

• Magmatism and metamorphic evolution of remnants of Pan-African crust (Calabria)”

• Relationship between high grade metamorphism, migmatization and Hercynian granitoid plutonism in Calabria

• Pre-Alpine collisional and orogenic events to the Gondwana-Laurasia margin: metamorphic and structural evolution and magmatic activity”

• Modelling of petrographic and geochemical composition of continental crust in selected type areas in Italy


She teaches “Petrography” at degree course in “Natural Sciences” and “Geological Science”.

She has organized master and schools in petrography and applied petrography.

Teaching and supervisor activity in University Master “Identification and Management of the Protected Natural Areas for the Safeguard of environment” (Univ. Bari, 2005-06).

Graduation thesis supervisor and PhD tutor.

Currently, she is referring of the Faculty of Science for the guideline and she is a member of the technical committee for the realization of a plan of guideline with the regional scholastic office of Bari.